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You can always buy a smartphone or tablet, but you can’t guarantee it will always work, thankfully we can! This is why we created Smartbulance -  an on demand mobile device repair company - to make sure you are always connected to your device, and more importantly…. to the world. Smartbulance is the pioneer in the $3.6 billion dollar mobile device and repair industry, currently being evaluated for funding by the top private equity firms in NYC. We provide a best in class on demand repair service where our techs will come to your home, office, school, hotel, we will even meet you on the corner (just give us the intersection!)  and fix any issue you may have. We launched in June 2015 and have been growing quickly since then! Now we’re looking to expand  the team to include some amazing people, like you, to help us revolutionize this rapidly expanding industry!

Job Title: Smartbulance Technician

Job Duties included but not limited to:

Smartphone and Tablet Repairs

* iOS * Android

We are THE on-demand company currently servicing the tri-state area.

Details and Requirements:

This job entails traveling the throughout the area, and repairing equipment for both individuals and large corporations. Technicians will interact with customers throughout the area and will be required to work at a fast pace and multi-task on the go. Additionally technicians will be required to generate leads for potential new business from the customers they service. Technicians must be able to carry a 15lb backpack throughout New York City and be on their feet for an entire 9 hours shift

Smartbulance provides:

Metrocards and Training for all technicians

Join a team of dedicated techs as we build this network into a nationwide service.

Email Resume to: Sales@smartbulance.com